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We’ve been Bronzed!

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We’ve been bronzed!!

No, we’re not talking about a dodgy tan – we are pleased to announce that we are now a Xero Bronze Partner.

We are really pleased to have been awarded Bronze Partner status with Xero. It’s as though we’ve got the a medal hanging around our necks- we’re proud to show it off! It shows our commitment to providing high quality bookkeeping services “in the cloud”.

So what does being Xero Bronze Partner actually mean?

  • We’ve been busy signing up new clients and converting a couple from Sage (for free!).
  • Proving that our clients sign up with Xero, love it as much as we do and stay with us.
  • We’ll be listed in the Xero Partners directory on the Xero website, so you can check our credentials via an official third-party source.
  • We’re accredited by the company itself, so you can be sure of our expertise with Xero and our commitment to providing high quality and modern bookkeeping services.

As many of you know (because we talk about it quite a lot), we love Xero! We truly think it’s the best tool on the market for online bookkeeping. If you’ve not heard of Xero, this nine-year-old company started in New Zealand and has quickly spread across the world. They offer premium cloud (online) bookkeeping tool at an extremely affordable monthly price, which notably, could be cancelled at any time (not that you’d want to!). Not only can you get a real time update on your businesses accounts at any time, but as your bookkeeper, The Business Hut can log in and manage your bookkeeping anywhere, anytime. We can even bill you for your Xero subscription, leaving you free of hassle and worry!

With Xero, you can enjoy access to graphical breakdowns, raise your own invoices, record expenses and download summaries and detailed reports for your accountant. The Business Hut also uses the Xero files function to keep your documents paper free, environmentally friendly and super efficient!

In short, Xero gives you more time to focus on growing your business.

Are you ready to make the switch to Xero? With our Xero Bronze Partner accreditation you can be confident in our services. Even so we can offer a 30 day free trial, including free conversion. What more could you need?

Call today and speak to Charlotte or Victoria on 01858 289189 or drop us an email

See you soon in the Xero Cloud,

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