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Because 100,000 people can’t be wrong! …

Last month Xero reached a milestone of 100,000 subscribers in the UK. We’re not at all surprised by the rapid growth of users for this innovative accounting software and have noticed, first hand, how excited business owners are by the flexibility and efficiency it can bring to all types of businesses.

Last month we converted two clients over from Sage to Xero – completely free.

These businesses now have access to their real time financial data accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Both clients have been pleasantly surprised by the user friendliness of Xero and the ability to open the software and see (on the main dashboard) all key data relating to their business such as bank balance, outstanding debtor & creditors balances, cash inflow & outflows and the balance of any specific account that they are keen to keep track on. We continue to support these clients with ongoing bookkeeping using Xero so they are safe in the knowledge that every time they log in they see the most up to date financial data.

“Ah but what’s the catch – how much does it cost?!” we hear you say… well, a standard Xero account (which we recommend for most of our clients) costs £20 + VAT per month. We’ll convert your accounts from your current software to Xero for FREE and we can offer ongoing Xero bookkeeping support from £19 per hour (or speak to us about fixing a monthly cost).

Find out more about Xero here… alternatively, get in touch with us to discuss how Xero could work for your business.

Happy Accounting 🙂


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