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We’re Instagram-ing!

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We’ve recently added The Business Hut to the wonderful world of Instagram! Hurrah! And we think you should too.

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, another social media platform I’ve got to keep on top of!” You may already be covering Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pintrest, oh and then there’s blogging! So why should you add Instagram to this ever growing list? You’re doing just fine without it right? We’re discussing why you need to consider using the future of social media marketing…

Instagram’s popularity rocketed since its app birth in 2010, so you’re probably aware that Instagram is a powerful platform for creating visual content for your business. You’ve likely seen Instagram photos on other social media platforms too (such is life of social media sharing). With over 300 million users, Instagram is one of the best and most loved sharing platforms, giving you the ability to share photos and short videos with your followers.

Effectively, Instagram is free marketing! Showcase your products & services in action and generate huge exposure. It gives you a chance to show off more of what you have to offer. We’ve detailed more below on the benefits of Instagram.

One of the hardest things about visual marketing is deciding what to post. That’s why we’ve created the our #TBH30daychallenge … See more below.

(We’ll keep this short and sweet)
3 unexpected benefits of Instagram;

1. Increased Engagement
Simply, people like to look at images, videos and pictures. Let’s face it, they’re easier to scan and much more pleasing on the eye! Depending on the quality of a post, branded updates on Facebook and Twitter are sometimes overlooked by the user. However this isn’t true for Instagram users; having an active Instagram account with useful and interesting content can earn you crazy levels of engagement with your audience. Studies have found that Instagram generates 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook! (Source: Forrester). One of the main reasons that Instagram receives such high levels of engagement is that posts are visible. There’s no selection showcases for your posts. Unlike some Social Media Platforms, every single one of your posts will appear in the feeds of every single one of your followers! Lovely!

2. Build Trust & personality
As you may have noticed from the likes of Starbucks and Nike, branded content is becoming more and more popular for generating engagement. One of the key benefits of Instagram is that is can help to build trust. Customers will more likely buy from you/do business with you if you can create an emotional connection. This may all sound a little more like a psychology lesson than marketing tips but sharing the day-to-day experiences of your business will give you a more personal feel that people can relate to. As cheesy as it sounds, we always say, “people buy from people”. This is exactly that. Behind the scene photos and employee images tend to rank well on Instagram, especially if you’re a specific service provider. Such photos can make your company more attractive and trustworthy which in turn can have a positive effect on your bottom line!

3. Increase Traffic
For many businesses, one of the most important parts of using social media is to drive traffic to your website. And yes, you can drive traffic from Instagram! Make sure you post a link to your site in your bio – this is the only place you can put an active hyperlink on Instagram. Mentioning your website or using “calls to action” in your post are great ways to generate more traffic. With higher levels of engagement than Facebook or Twitter, creating and maintaining a strong Instagram profile could be hugely beneficial to your site’s viability.

To help you get started, we’ve created our 30 day Instagram challenge!

We’ve provided a list of 30 ideas for a month’s worth of inspiration. Use these ideas as prompts for the image you share each day, and add a helpful caption so your followers understand how the image relates to your business.

Make sure to use include the hashtag #tbh30daychallenge in your caption as well — you can search this hashtag to see what other businesses that are taking the challenge are up to.

After completing the challenge, you’ll have a great bank of content and valuable insight into what content your fans and followers are most interested in. Pay attention to what works well for you so you post similar things in the future.

We’re taking part too! Don’t forget to include the hashtag #tbh30daychallenge.

Need more inspiration? Take a look at these big players…

As you can see, Instagram offers an excellent opportunity for your brand to diversify your content as a means to broaden your online reach. If you haven’t created an Instagram account for your business, it’s best time to do it now, so you don’t miss out on the 300 million strong user base.

Do you need help getting started with Instagram or another social media account?

Get in touch today for a friendly chat. Drop us an email or catch us on the blower 01858 289189

Speak soon, Charlotte.

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