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Happy Holidays!

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The holiday season is upon us!

Getting ready for your holiday is the best – you’ve had your bags packed for days (weeks for some!), purchased endless supplies of suncream and switched on the out of office. The only worries you’ll have for the next week or so is whether to go for a crisp glass of white wine or a Sangria with dinner… bliss. Unless you’re a business owner, that is…

In the course of our duties, we have met lots of business owners that find it difficult to switch off during their holidays. We’ve found that this is usually for a variety of reasons;

1. They haven’t delegated enough to their staff and shared responsibilities;

2. They do not have the resource to hand over work to others;

3. They haven’t implemented systems that enable remote/shared working opportunities;

4. They’d like to check in and monitor the progress of their business without endless calls/emails to the office;

5. They’re concerned about missed opportunities whilst they are away from the office.

All of the above can be solved simply through implementing some cloud systems and outsourced support so that every moment of the holiday can be enjoyed.

What do we mean by implementing cloud systems?

In the simplest terms, a cloud system means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. Here’s some cloud systems that we would recommend…

Xero is cloud based accounting software which shows the financial performance of your business in real time. You can run your business on the go, using the Xero Touch app on your mobile. Check the balances of all of your bank accounts and credit cards in one place and send invoices on the spot. Fancy a free trial? We even offer free Sage conversions… get in touch to arrange your free month’s trial.

Here at The Business Hut, we use (and highly recommend) Capsule. Capsule is a cloud based CRM system, organising your contact, tasks, diaries, sales and much more. Hosting your system and data in the cloud allows you to access Capsule anytime anywhere. You can also connect to Xero for even more efficiency across your business. Perfect! Find out more about Capsule in our blog

These are just two examples of ways you can stay connected with your business and staff when on the move, as well as on your holidays! There are hundreds of cloud apps and integrated systems available, its all about finding the right systems for your business. Along with our no contract business support, your business will be running smoothly and efficiently in no time.

Please contact us to discuss your business further and we will be delighted to support you with a tailored cloud proposal and/or Business Support services… our consultations are completely free!

So, what are you waiting for… grab your towel, your smartphone and hit the beach! 🙂

Happy holidays!

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