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Convert to Xero for Zero

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With the new tax year approaching, it’s the perfect opportunity to make the switch to the cloud. Whether you manage your business finances via spreadsheet, desktop software or via an outsourced bookkeeper… Xero accounting software can get your business finances organised and accessible anywhere, anytime and by anyone that you authorise.

Xero is business owner focused software – no grey text, endless lists of numbers and confusing menu’s, just simple and easy to understand graphics and reports (see example below using Xero’s demo company).

Why do our clients love Xero?

  • Xero is cloud accounting software – accessed anytime and anywhere with an internet connection;
  • The dashboard provides a real time snapshot of the financial performance of their business;
  • A list of overdue client invoices and supplier invoices are just one click away;
  • Automated emails can be configured to chase overdue clients;
  • Recurring invoices and bills can be configured to save time each month;
  • Sales invoices can include a link to online payment applications such as Go Cardless & Paypal – making receiving payments quicker and easier;
  • XERO app on tablets and smartphones enable business owners to monitor their finances on the go;
  • Outsourced bookkeepers and accountants can have their own login to access the accounts anytime, anywhere; making the transfer of data even easier;
  • XERO is cost effective – a standard subscription is just £20 + VAT per month and includes unlimited users;
  • Plus many more reasons!

Does your accounting software do the above? If not, and you want it to, we have already converted a number of our clients from desktop accounting software to Xero and they haven’t looked back! Get in touch to organise a FREE demonstration.

If you want to make the switch – we’re offering Sage to XERO conversions completely FREE of charge when you sign up for ongoing bookkeeping support with The Business Hut.

We look forward to hearing from you – Happy Accounting 🙂

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