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Profit or Loss?

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Hello! This week we’re bringing you a throwback from one of our editions of Free Friday

This month we’ve been discussing job costing. We’ve even provided you with a free download of a Basic Job Costing Sheet.

Get smart. Get organised.

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At The Business Hut we love lists, neatly coloured folders and a tidy desk. But we realise it’s not always that simple.

We’ve put together just a few tips on how you can get organised for the year ahead. Perhaps it’s a new tax year and you’re determined to make it a little easier on yourself this year. If you need some help with the mountain of adminBookkeeping or your next Tax Return, get in touch…

We couldn’t talk organisation and preparation without mentioning our favourite organiser – Monica “I just happen to have my label maker” Geller.

Click and play for a giggle…

The Business Hut’s Top 5 Organisational Tips

1. Clean, organise and tidy your desk!
Like we always say, “tidy desk, tidy mind”! The smallest of changes can really make a difference to your working day. Get rid of old paperwork from 2012, invest in some pretty files and get them labelled! And never put the word “Misc” on any file – once you put it down you’re likely to completely forget what random items are on it anyway! If you can say out loud what the file is, you have your label.

2. Get on the cloud
Develop an electronic system or make a small investment in Xero. A little bit of organisation can really make a huge difference when it comes to your taxes. You’ve just been through the process, so by now you should know what you need to do to get organised. We can help with everything from conversion to training!

3. Keep a file handy for loose receipts
It could be on your desk at work, in your car or stuck to your fridge at home, but having this on hand for those loose receipts will be a saviour. It will help to minimise lost receipts and save you time searching high and low for missing ones when tax time creeps up on you. With Xero you can also add them via your camera on your smartphone – so no more lost receipts!

4. Ask for advice
Ask your accountant or bookkeeper for their tips. Utilise their knowledge and experience! Ask about new schemes, accountancy software and how to get organised for the coming year. Don’t forget, being more organised can you and your accountant/bookkeeper time, this saving you money!

5. Book a free consultation with The Business Hut
Come and see how we can improve your daily organisation to better help you prepare your finances and save for that tax bill.

Heres a  “A general guide to keeping records for your tax return” from HMRC. You’ll find some useful information to keeping records and preparation.

Once you’ve got your financial paperwork organised and securely stored in the cloud, we recommend keeping on top of it! The Business Hut can assist with your well-organised books and admin tasks. When your books are well organised, adding a new expense can take just two minutes, and you won’t have to worry about a pile of receipts building up on your desk.

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Time to Switch Off?

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We often discuss the all important work-life balance with our clients, friends and family. But we know that it’s not always as easy as just taking time off – especially as a business owner. Even when you’re “off work” you find yourself checking emails, answering calls and generally worrying about what’s going on in the office! Well, this Christmas and New Year might just be the perfect time to practice switching off.

It can be a real challenge to switch between work and free time, but it is absolutely necessary for your health and happiness. We’ve put together some tips to help you leave work behind and enjoy the festive period to the fullest with your friends and family.

The importance of Branding

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In today’s society, it’s easy to see that brands are more important now than ever. Brands appeal more to our psychology than you might think. Brands convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience. Brands are valuable.

So what exactly is branding? And why is it so important for your business? Branding goes way beyond just a logo or element. When you think about your brand you really want to think about everything, from your logo to your social media experience, the way you communicate with your customers and your employee experiences. We’ve put together our Top 10 Reasons for considering and building your own branding. We truly believe in the importance of branding and we think you will too!

We’re Instagram-ing!

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We’ve recently added The Business Hut to the wonderful world of Instagram! Hurrah! And we think you should too.

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, another social media platform I’ve got to keep on top of!” You may already be covering Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pintrest, oh and then there’s blogging! So why should you add Instagram to this ever growing list? You’re doing just fine without it right? We’re discussing why you need to consider using the future of social media marketing…