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Introducing the Xero App Marketplace

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For so many modern business challenges, there is an app solution.  If finding the programs that are perfect for your business is difficult, finding ones that are compatible with each other can be impossible.  The Xero App Marketplace is a great place to start looking as it’s filled with apps that connect with and support Xero. There are over 500 out there, covering every possible business need. You can search via both the app function and business type.

There are new apps being added all the time, and here are some recent highlights.

Business intelligence software for small businesses looking to accelerate growth, Grow specialises in bringing together data from different sources, so you can compare Xero reports with other data. Grow is easy to use, with a customisable dashboard and uncluttered display. Insights are tailored to your business and key objectives can be highlighted with the easy customisation options.

ExcluServ Connect
ExcluServ Connect integrates Concur and Xero. Concur is a powerful app that controls all your expenditure, managing expense, invoice and travel. ExcluServ Connect provides support for managing billable expenses and viewing all your expense receipts as attached images to Purchase Invoices in Xero.

CaFE stands for Cash Flow Engine and allows for accountants and bookkeepers or their clients to manage cashflow. The app is always running and automatically syncs, so can highlight impending shortfalls and surpluses instantly. It is always there when you need it and the reports produced are easy to understand.

Every app should focus on saving time and minimising hassle, and Instafile does both brilliantly. It lets Xero users file Limited Company Accounts and Corporation Tax Returns directly with Companies House and HMRC; an easier way to do statutory year end filings, saving lots and time and avoiding the mistakes manual data-entry can lead to. Its compatibility with Xero is seamless as the app was developed with constant of feedback from the Xero user community.

Using cloud accounting software and applications puts you in control. You can decide who can view data, and control each user’s level of access. The cloud really is the safest place for your accounts to be.

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