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New Financial Year Goals!

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Procrastination is part of human nature, it’s amazing how mundane things like housework become super important when you have a project on the go or deadline that should be tackled. The house and garden usually gain more attention when putting something off. As small business owners one of your new year’s resolutions may have been to convert to a new accounting software in the new financial year.

Keeping your business Cyber Secure

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This month we had the pleasure of attending Accountex 2017. We met with lots of forward thinking businesses and it was great to see what the future holds for accountancy and finance. Whilst we were there we attended an interesting seminar delivered by Graeme Brand from Barclays, discussing Cyber Security.

Every industry is now affected by the move to cloud software and opening ourselves up to the threat of cyber crime. Businesses across the UK lost over £1bn to online crime in 2015-2016 (Source: Get Safe Online).