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The importance of Branding

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In today’s society, it’s easy to see that brands are more important now than ever. Brands appeal more to our psychology than you might think. Brands convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience. Brands are valuable.

So what exactly is branding? And why is it so important for your business? Branding goes way beyond just a logo or element. When you think about your brand you really want to think about everything, from your logo to your social media experience, the way you communicate with your customers and your employee experiences. We’ve put together our Top 10 Reasons for considering and building your own branding. We truly believe in the importance of branding and we think you will too!

National Minimum Wage Changes – Oct 2015

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From the 1st October 2015 the national minimum wage (NMW) changed, as recommended by the Low Pay Commission (LPC) in March 2015. 

The government, however, rejected the LPC’s recommendation for the apprentice rate and the new apprentice rate sees a rise of 57p, the largest ever increase in National Minimum Wage for apprenticeships. This higher than recommended rise was set by the government with the belief that apprenticeships will deliver a wage that is comparable to other choices for work – and in turn seeing more people in apprenticeships.

Xero Bookkeeping

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Because 100,000 people can’t be wrong! …

Last month Xero reached a milestone of 100,000 subscribers in the UK. We’re not at all surprised by the rapid growth of users for this innovative accounting software and have noticed, first hand, how excited business owners are by the flexibility and efficiency it can bring to all types of businesses.