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We’re Instagram-ing!

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We’ve recently added The Business Hut to the wonderful world of Instagram! Hurrah! And we think you should too.

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, another social media platform I’ve got to keep on top of!” You may already be covering Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pintrest, oh and then there’s blogging! So why should you add Instagram to this ever growing list? You’re doing just fine without it right? We’re discussing why you need to consider using the future of social media marketing…

A new office!

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This week we moved into our new office, and it reminded us of just how far we’ve come…

The Business Hut began on a wintery evening over a glass of wine at the kitchen table. From the meeting of two experienced minds (Charlotte & Victoria) came a business support company, offering services from Sales through to Accounts – The Business Hut was born! From there we set up the business and spent more than 15 months in a home office. We developed our branding, online presence, networking, operational systems (CRM etc), became Xero Certified Advisors; not to mention growing our client list! Here’s a little taster of where our Hut started… We think you’ll agree we’ve improved it a little. Find out more about our logo and branding here.